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Nordic Nature

A region of mythical beauty, Northern Europe is well-known for snowy tundras and never-ending green forests. In the region, nature is not only valued for its beauty, but also considered as an essential part of daily life. The Nordics seem to possess an inherent bond and closeness with nature and easy access to the wilderness is taken for granted. The government is even supporting such initiatives; the Nordics have special rights in regards to freely enjoying the forests and professional life is organised in such manner, that there is always time to enjoy the outdoors after work, every day. Nature is thus an endless source of inspiration for Nordic artists and a reoccurring theme in art, which is why we have decided to embrace the topic in our new group exhibition, It Came from the North 

(Artworks by: Stefan Isakson, Mads Peter Iverson, Marlon Weston and Sandra Kantanen.)



Rebelion to Recognition

Women have always made art, but since men wrote our history books, they were only mentioned as muses and models. During the Renaissance, women were encouraged to paint, as it was considered desirable for women to be accomplished in the arts. Read more…

Floating on Air

DoctorSHARE’s floating hospital is a foundation established in 2009. Its vision is to bring world class, holistic health care to the remote, outer islands of Indonesia that are struggling for basic health care. eastern part of Indonesia is exquisite for its blue seas, but it belies the hardships faced in such remote areas. Maluku is the next destination in this program…

Time and Time Again

Art Basel just finished its 10th edition in Hong Kong earlier this year. Most people think that Art Basel is just about strolling the aisles looking at consecutive booths of modern and contemporary art offered for sale. But, there is more than just the gallery presentations for the VIP clients. Inside the VIP lounge, Art Basel sponsors invest in specially curated exhibitions linking the artistry…

The 21st Century Paintbrush

Many people ask how to look at photography and is it collectible? Never before have photographs been more accesible and viewed. Photos are posted on social media, shared, transferred, snapchatted: we are experiencing “image overload”. With high quality cameras, anyone can be a photographer. So, how should we make the distinction between art photography and hobbyist?

Making His Mark

Time Place Magazine
Issue 42

If you have been to Singapore lately, to Gardens by the Bay, you couldn’t help but notice “Planet” the floating baby by the water. I saw it after dinner one evening, and he looked like he was eerily suspended in a trance. I was mesmerised by the image and the technological feat.

The Art of Giving

Time Place Magazine
Issue 47

Art can take many forms: painting, sculpture, contemporary art, installation, etc. But after my trip to Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on the island of Sumba, I realised there is also an art to the way we approach life and business. Nihiwatu is a surfer’s paradise founded by an adventurous American named Claude Graves in 1988. Known for its “left hand wave,” Nihiwatu has a cult status among…See full article

Asian Abstraction

Time Place Magazine
Issue 44

Celebrating its 20th year, the Armory Show, New York’s largest art fair is housed in Pier 92 and 94 along Manhattan’s Hudson River. Headed by Noah Horowitz, the Armory Show is primarily focused on the taste of the American market. After three days spent combing the halls of the fair..