Bazaar Art 2017

Jakarta, 27th-30th July 2017, Ritz Carlton

The long awaited weekend of the 27th – 30th of July marked Harpers Bazaar 9th edition of the biggest annual art fair in Indonesia. With ISA’s contribution we presented a selection of works by Sinta Tantra and Aaron Taylor Kuffner as we take our viewers into a visual journey of sound and space.

Born in New York in the year 1979, Sinta Tantra is a British based artist of Balinese decent who is famous for her public artworks of murals and installations consisting of an abstract set of a vibrant pastel spectrum of colors, coordinated into prĂ©cised geometrical, quadrilateral and circular shapes. One of her selected works featured at ISA’s art fair booth was titled Zenith Moon No.VI, where Tantra portrays her inspiration derived off the obscure Italian Disco she listened to during her Bridget Riley fellowship in Rome. Coincidental or not, her name Tantra also possess a strong religious sensation of the Buddhist and Hindu sensation of space and sound during the ritual meditations, which harmonizes with the context of some of her artworks.

Completing the showcase, ISA also featured two of Aaron Taylor Kuffner’s conceptual sculptures of the Gamelatron. American based artist Kuffner studied and submerged himself into the art of the Gamelan musical instrument of Indonesia, during his time living in Java and Bali. After a successful attempt at studying the art and construction of the traditional instrument, he derived the knowledge back to New York and sculpted a number of Gamelans manually. With this, he created the Gamelatron. A series of Gamelan installations that is technologically engineered to conduct its own orchestra of spiritual vibrations, projecting a sense of unity of the East and the West through the narration of globalization and modernization.

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