A House In Bali

Solo Exhibition by Sinta Tantra

A British artist of Balinese descent, Sinta Tantra was born in New York in 1979. She is well regarded for her site-specific murals and installations in the public realm. Tantra’s most notable work includes a permanent landmark commission for Canary Wharf completed for the Olympics in 2012 – a 300 metre long painted bridge stretching over the water in the heart of London’s business district. Tantra’s work is in the collections of the UK’s Government Art Collection as well as private international collections.

Tantra’s bold interventions use colour abstractions that wrap themselves around architectural environments, transforming them in the process. The works are a hybridity of pop and formalism, a bricolage of colour and rhythm, an exploration of identity and aesthetics. The artist challenges our understanding of geography whilst playing on notions of globalization / localization and deconstructing the modern obsession with brand. Themes within the work include the slippage between pictorial and physical space, of turning something ‘inside out’ and how we as bodies become submerged in surface and structure.

The exhibition title A House in Bali is taken from a book by Colin McPhee. McPhee was a Canadian composer who travelled to Bali in the 1920s and 1930s. He wrote about the relationship between the abstract and syncopated sounds of Gamelan music. McPhee discovered Balinese music and how arts are a prime preoccupation in the island. Tantra’s eclectic combination of Eastern and Western culture provides her with a uniquely well-placed perspective from which to visually reinterpret McPhee’s reflections on the relationship between the abstract and the music of Gamelan through her paintings and murals.

Viewers can experience the exhibit at the LAFLO Showroom located in Jl. Simprug Golf 2 VIP III, Jakarta 12220 running from the 9th of November until the 24th.


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