Pop Up Restaurant | Launch of Indonesian Luxury

Jakarta, 27th-30th July 2017, Ritz Carlton

Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia’s 9th annual art fair marked the launch of Indonesian Luxury, an online 360 degree platform that curates the best of Indonesia’s interior designers, architects, luxury furnishings and real estate. Parisian artist and award winning Chef Yann Bernard Lejard, was the host of the Unity In Diversity pop up restaurant, serving a delightful array of vibrant cuisines. With ISA being a member of Indonesian Luxury, artist Sinta Tantra also took place on contributing to the striking murals that enlivened the venue. Behind the extravagant set up of Sinta’s works that spread throughout the venue was the craft-ships of Domisilium. An Interior design firm that is also a member of the Indonesian Luxury organization. The whole concept of the show was to infuse the harmony of art and design. With the artworks of Sinta Tantra, Bernard Lejard’s vibrant dishes and the luxury furniture contractors Sapta, Escalier, LAFLO and Aman Tirta who radiated the room with sophisticated Capital Lighting.

Chef and artist Yann Bernard Lejard is presently known for his decorative dishes presented at Ritz Carlton Bahrain. Highly influenced by modern design and art deco, Lejard produces dishes made up of the most simplest and extravagant ingredients and transform it with a lavish touch to induce a creative energy into the dining room. He has been renowned to be sous chef at 3 Michellin starred restaurants, known to be Europe’s leading lifestyle venues. Lejard describes his vibrant dishes to be modern, sophisticated, artistic and always evolving, radiating inspiration to consumers as he aims to give an impact to the world from a culinary approach.

All facets of the event united as the artistic diversity manifested a performance of ‘conceptual dining.’

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