YOUTH : A Young Artist Exhibition

Jakarta, 6 May 2017, Jakarta Land

Growing up in the worlds biggest archipelago that inhibits 250 million people and a multitude of religions, cultures and dialects; it is easy for an individual to be submerged into the vast spectrum of the cultures and traditions.

Living amongst this as a child filled with creativity, inspiration can easily be picked from the surfaces, edges and corners of the land’s extraordinarily diverse and contrasting landscapes. Whether it is Jakarta’s metropolis, Borneo’s treasured rainforests or everything that co-exist in between, consisting of the congested streets filled with jam-packed vehicles and food stalls to the cringe-inducing television shows of the 80’s and 90’s.


Presented by Jakarta Land, Youth is an exhibition that discloses a series of artworks from Kendra Ahimsa, Eko Bintang, Rega Ayundya Putri, Natasha Lubis and Tasia Sugiarto, who are some of Indonesia’s young emerging artists that have successfully conveyed a perspective of their upbringing and background through a wide variety of mixed medium. Ranging from digital illustration, manual illustration to collage and multimedia, these young artists tell the unspoken story of Indonesia’s youth, through the lens of their different demographics and the vast cultures of Indonesia that has molded them during the fundamental growth of their inner selves.

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