Artwork Management Services

Management of an art collection is just as important as buying the art. Once a painting becomes part of a collection, the details of packing and shipping the artwork, insurance, framing  and hanging an artwork become very important decisions. ISA can help you in all steps in the process by working with proven and trusted suppliers that will handle your artwork properly. We are here to help you manage your fine art collection. Our services include:

Art Hanging Systems

Art Hanging systems provide the flexibility for seamlessly arranging and  re-hanging your collection with an easy “zipper system” to avoid unnecessary damage to your wall. It should always be installed at the beginning of a project so that it can blend with the ceiling and achieve an “invisible” look. ISA can help provide the right art hanging systems for your collection.

Art Insurance

A valuable artwork is irreplaceable and Insurance for your artwork is essential but often overlooked issue. Whether it is in transit or in the storage, your artwork is exposed to a number of risks so it is essential to insure the life of your artwork from the time of its acquisition. We work with experienced specialists to design an insurance package that responds to the specific coverage needs of your collection and to also protect you against financial loss in the event of damage.

Art Restoration

Professional services to restore the beauty and integrity of your artwork is crucial so that it won’t lose its value as it ages. An array of treatments for artworks in different media can be arranged to enhance its aesthetic qualities and obtain its original condition. Worry less, as we take a good care of your artwork for a lifetime of visual pleasure.

Art Hanging System
Art Framing

Proper framing helps to protect your artwork and maintain its value. There are endless artwork arrangement options and choosing the right hanging system is crucial to achieve the best display result. We help you to select the right material and type of frame and hanging system that best suits your needs.

Art Collection Management

We provide a wide range of art collection management services for private collector. Keeping your collection organized, documented and preserved enhances its value and accessibility for future generations. We offer personalized consultations that aim to bring satisfaction to meet client’s demands and secure their investment, by recommending appropriate care and solutions.

Art Packing and Shipping

A valuable artwork is irreplaceable and proper packing, shipping and insurance for your artwork with approved art handling professionals is essential but often an overlooked issue. Whether it is in transit or in the storage, your artwork is exposed to a number of risks so it is essential that it is packed and shipped according to international standards. By doing so, it is recognized by industry professionals to insure the transit and transfer of your artwork.